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Terms and Conditions

The Showboat Hotel, has a No Smoking Policy. For insurance reasons, we must be made aware of any animals staying in the rooms and there is a $50 pet fee. If you are in violation of the no smoking policy, you will be fined $200. 

Check-in time is 3:00 pm. 
Check out time is 11:00am.
You must check out by the specified check-out time. If you fail to do so, you will be charged a fee of $75. If you need a later check-out, you must notify us in advance, there will be a fee of $40.
The office can be reached for any reason by calling us at 607-243-7434. You will recieve check in instructions via email three (3) days before your stay. You do not need to visit the office to check-in, you may go right to your room after 3pm your code will be active on the door for check-in.
Your rooms will not be serviced during your stay.  We are asking that you hang wet towels over the shower curtain rod, towel rods, or even on the door knobs.  Please help us conserve water and energy.
Our property accepts all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.
Free parking is available is available on site, however may be limited during large events. Please be sure to park within designated areas or as instructed by staff.
Many guest rooms are located on the second and third floor. There is no elevator and we do not have a bellhop. Please pack accordingly.
Items left behind and requested to be mailed will incur a minimum charge of $50 and may take up to 30 days to receive. We apologize for any inconvenience. To avoid this, please be sure to thoroughly check your room for items that are of value to you prior to your departure.
We reserve the right to charge for any damage to or removal of items from the premises and/or unusual cleaning.  Damaged or missing items from rooms post check out will be charged to your security deposit on file. These include but are not limited to remote controls, linens, pillows, mugs, room key, books, etc., if any toiletries are missing (such as shampoo, conditioner and soap containers) you will be charged a minimum fee of $50 upon check out.
Please inquire if you have any questions or concerns about this policy.  We take these things serious so other guests currently or during future visits are not inconvenienced or affected by another guests actions.
Cancellation​ ​Policy:
As we are a small Independent business, cancellations affect us GREATLY.
Urgent - must read everything below.
We have a 2 night minimum on the weekends.  Holidays or special events may require a 3 night minumum. 
You will be charged for the booking in full at the time of booking.  A 30-day cancellation applies to all  reservations. The all room night rates will be charged to the card on file sometime within 30 days prior to arrival or if cancelling within 30 days prior to arrival.  This is regardless of whether it is a weekday or a weekend and regardless of the reason. 
Cancelations, discounts, or refunds will not be issued to guests due to  inclement weather, pool not useable, bands canceling  or any other possible amenity that is not at the disposal of the guest  during any or all days of their stay.
Any discount that was given will be taken away before the cancelation fee or fees are determined.  If you change the reservation that discount may also be taken away or reduced.  In case of shortening your stay, the discount takes place on the final originally booked day,  If you abandon that reservation or length of the stay, the discount will also be taken away.
Please be sure to find and acquire trip insurance in the event of unexpected illness, death or weather related emergencies, or pandemics as we are not able to make an exception to this policy.